The world is changing, time to adapt. 

Hosting a virtual event is an excellent alternative that allows your attendees to connect with your organization and each other, from anywhere in the world.


Whether you are forced to make the shift online for public health reasons or you simply see the benefit of reaching people all over the world, virtual events are becoming increasingly popular.


Our virtual event planning services can help you make the transition from an in-person event to an online format, while still remaining engaging for your attendees. This includes technical support at all stages of the planning and execution process and management of your event’s schedule on the day, creating a smooth experience for everyone involved.


Why plan a

virtual event?

Services: Virtual event planning


Project Management

There is no doubt that a virtual event is a sizable project that requires near-constant oversight to run smoothly, a task that is often too big for a single person. Our team works closely with you to establish your goals and expectations for your event, and then help to make these happen exactly as you envision.


We oversee all stages of event preparation and execution, providing you with regular contact and status reports so that you can remain informed about all decisions that are being made. Our staff have experience running virtual events and you can be certain that your event is in good hands, allowing you to focus on other matters of concern.

Team management

Each member of your team offers valuable expertise that is needed to create a successful event, and we help to make sure they have the resources they need to do this. Once the team and their roles are identified, we are happy to coordinate with them directly for the assigned tasks to ensure the planning stays on track and runs smoothly.


We help to troubleshoot minor issues and connect individuals to the people with the tools that can help them, without causing major issues for the rest of the team and their work. Virtual events are often overseen by virtual teams, so we work hard to facilitate appropriate communication and sharing of resources needed to bring everyone together to achieve the desired result, despite physical distance.


Speaker management

We are well versed in managing speakers. As generous as they may be to offer their services, we still need to ensure that they provide their session details, understand when their session is and what their requirements are as well as follow-up. It’s also not uncommon to have speakers that need assistance with their presentation.


We act as the first point of call for your speakers, responding to any questions they have, providing practical support for technical issues they face, and making sure they are ready to present!

Attendee management

We can also act as the first point of call for your attendees who want help before and during the event. This service covers everything from registration processes, accessing the event on the day, and maintaining attendee compliance during the event itself.


We can also offer support during the event itself, providing attendees with technical support or answering any questions they might have about how to navigate the site. We also work to ensure that your attendees are engaged and interested throughout the event and that their experience is positive.


Technical setup & support

We ensure that the site is completely set up and functional and we oversee all technical requirements and requests before and during the event. We help to ensure that the registration process is easy for guests (including payment processes if this is required), joining the event is not a hassle and that the event itself runs without a technical hitch.


Depending on the number of people you want to attend this event, we may suggest extra precautions to prevent the host site from crashing.

Graphic design

Following your branding guidelines, we can manage all the event graphics, banners and other requirements. Our expert team is capable of providing excellent imagery that helps to elevate the experience of your online event, which flows seamlessly with your existing branding and style.


We also help you to create an online event format that is easy for guests to understand and navigate, helping to maximize their engagement with the host site, creating a better experience for them.



Inevitably, there will be a series of communications to potential attendees related to the announcement and management of the event. This helps to generate awareness and publicity regarding the event, leading to greater attendance. We can assist in reviewing and creating event-related content, helping you to present your message in a way that is clear and concise.


We can also offer support in the dissemination of the information, maximizing its exposure to your target audience on social media platforms and through email blasts. We can also help with follow-up communications with attendees and/or speakers if you require these services for future events or feedback.

Analytics and Reporting

Following the completion of the event, you will be provided with a series of user-friendly reports to better understand the event’s success and member engagement levels.


We want to help you understand the outcomes of your event - what people attended, what worked well, potential design limitations - so that you can be better prepared for future events.


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Why hire an Expert?

Virtual events require just as much logistical planning as in-person events and depending on the size of the event, this can easily get out of hand if you are not prepared. Experts know exactly how to ensure that everything runs smoothly at all stages of the event - from planning, execution, and even helping to collect feedback for future events.


Our staff have significant experience with overseeing virtual events, and we understand the need for content that is still engaging and purposeful, even when presented through a computer screen. We know exactly how to make the transition from in-person content to a digital format that attendees can interact with, receiving the same quality of experience.