How to make your virtual event stand out

Don’t make the mistake of turning your virtual event into a simple webinar. You want to create an entire experience for your guests, not just provide a platform that allows them to listen to speakers online. Here are some tips that we believe will help to make a big difference,

Facilitate engagement and encourage networking

If you really want to help facilitate good communication and interaction between your virtual guests and speakers, there are a number of different methods that you can use to do this. We highly recommend blocking out time in your schedule dedicated to socializing. There is also a wide range of tools available that help to bring people closer together, such as randomized one on one chats that can help them get to know each other. We also suggest that you encourage participants to join a private Facebook group where they can get to know one another before the event, and even keep in touch afterward.

Keep your content interesting

Just like with any regular event, you want to make sure that you plan a schedule that is interesting and will keep your guests focused and entertained. Do this by incorporating different media formats, such as music and videos, in between your speakers. Focusing on a computer screen while listening to someone talk can feel tiring after a while, but if you keep your audience invested by interspersing it with small, fun breaks, they’ll enjoy the experience a lot more.

Don’t forget to say thank you!

Just because an event is online, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to thank your guests for attending. It may not be feasible to send out physical swag bags to your attendees, but there are some great alternatives we guarantee they would still appreciate. Most companies will provide their guests with digital gift cards or subscriptions, which can be easily downloaded and used whenever they choose.

Hire a professional planning service

A virtual event planner will help you navigate the challenges of hosting virtual events.

Turning your events into a virtual experience have their benefits, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t without their challenges. Learning how to translate the experience of an in-person event into an online format takes skills and time. Finding an appropriate technical platform to host your event can also be difficult, especially if you are inviting a large number of guests, and want to integrate interactive components to your schedule.

MakeitSpecial Events is here to help you at every step of the way. Our experienced team provide cohesive support at all stages of the planning process, to ensure that your attendees can enjoy an event that is engaging and exciting.

We work with you to establish what you are looking for, and then we achieve it.

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