3 TOP reasons to make next event virtual

Virtual events are becoming more popular, and it’s not hard to understand why. Aside from the fact that COVID-19 makes large in-person gatherings unsafe in a lot of places, online events offer so much more freedom and opportunities for hosts and companies who want to connect with people. Here are our top three reasons why we think that virtual events can create a better experience than in-person ones:

1. Costs are lower

Planning and hosting an in-person event comes with a lot of costs and fees. This can include the cost of hiring a venue, catering, possibly even travel expenses for you and your business. Virtual events remove all of these. Although virtual events are not completely free to hold, this cost is minimal.

If your costs are lower, you can pass this saving onto your guests by lowering the admission fee. This, in turn, is likely to increase attendance, and provides greater exposure for your brand or company, which could have a significant impact on revenue.

2. It provides opportunities for global networking

Virtual events create brand new opportunities for attendees to participate in your experiences, who may not have been able to previously. Online events can be attended by anyone anywhere, and you can also book speakers from anywhere. This opens your event up to a much wider audience and allows new people to connect, when this may not have been possible if your event required physical attendance.

3. They can offer your business more customer information

Virtual events provide a lot of detailed information for hosts, such as who attended, how long they stayed for, where they were from. You can see what parts of your event were the most popular, and what parts did not resonate with your guests so much, because fewer people attended. This information is invaluable and can help you to shift your plans for future events so that they cater to your audience better.

It’s also easier to keep in contact with your attendees after an event. Most virtual events require an email address to register, and you can collect these in order to send follow up information, or news about your company and future events.

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